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Top Five Tips To Help You Finish Your Home

More and more we are seeing clients who are interested in having a hands-on approach when it comes to designing the interiors of their home. Gone are the days of colour boards and stock choices, as shows like The Block and The Living Room inspire people to express their individual style.

To help you on the right track, we have created our Top Five Tips To Help You Finish Your Home.

  1. Texture: Often the most forgotten aspect of any new home is the texture, whether it’s mixing a soft rug with some timber floorboards or textured tiles and wallpapers. We are absolutely loving the latest trends in textures!
  2. Natural Materials: Some people worry that natural colours may look boring, but the reason that they have survived through every interior trend is because they are timeless. Materials such as timber and stone have the potential to be dramatic or subdued, depending on their colour, pattern and placement.
  3. Artwork: We suggest having a quick look online or a wander through your local galleries to pick up a few pieces that will compliment your home. Well placed and presented artwork can be the feature that takes your home to the next level.
  4. In Style: All too often we see people getting caught up in the latest craze, don’t get me wrong, we’re loving the grey and yellow combo as much as the next person; but when you’re on a budget it’s important to remember that you may not love this craze in 5 or even 3 years’ time. So if you don’t want to be replacing that armchair anytime soon then we suggest going for a neutral coloured chair with a brightly coloured cushion or throw. So next season you can replace it out without breaking the budget!
  5. Custom Furniture: Furniture can be a long-term investment. When you’re buying furniture consider how long you want to keep it and what you will need it for. There are some wonderful custom furniture builders, and the initial price may well be worth it long-term!