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Knockdown Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild

The Decision

Undertaking a knockdown rebuild can be a daunting task. You could be knocking down the house your family grew up in; looking to replace the house full of memories with something better suited to your needs today; or perhaps you've just found the wrong house on the right street. Whatever the reason, you need to be sure the people building your new home have your best interests at heart.

Why Knockdown Rebuild

- You get to stay in the same great neighbourhood you love. Plus there's no stamp duty and no changing schools.

- Unlike extending your current house there isn’t any need to worry about hidden surprises like upgrading sections of your current house that are no longer up to code, pest and bug damage or structural corrosion.

- You get to start again, building what you want instead of compromising around current design features.

Why Banyan Constructions

- Our staff have over 15 years of experience in the Canberra Building Market.

- The Banyan motto ‘Clever. Clean. Consistent.’ Is more than just words to us, it’s a reflection of how we build and our staff are committed to giving you that experience.

- We believe that this entire process should be stress-free! The Banyan staff will keep you in the loop with regular progress updates and scheduled supervised site visits so you never need to worry about how things are going.

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Our Process

Stage One

Initial Meeting.
This is an opportunity to meet the Banyan Representative who will be handling your home from start to finish, they will be your point of contact from this moment forward. It is also a good time for us to complete a site inspection so we can help you begin designing your new home.

Stage Two

Choosing Your Home.
Now is the time to select your dream home, whether you choose to build one of Banyan's homes or a custom design we will keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Stage Three

Since you’ve chosen the design we will be able to finalise costs and give you a better indication of how long your build will take. Upon accepting our quote you’ll be required to pay an initial 5% deposit.

Stage Four

Construction Begins!
Following Development Approval we will begin construction on your new home. You’ll be kept in the loop by your Banyan Representative who will send through regular progress reports and will happily escort you around site at key points in the build.

Stage Five

Hand Over.
Your Banyan Representative will hand over your new keys and you’ll be able to move in! Banyan offers a 90 day maintenance period where we will promptly fix any issues that arise while the house is settling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Banyan Constructions demolish my home?
Yes, unlike other companies Banyan will take care of demolition. We believe these projects start with the knockdown, not just the rebuild.
Can I alter a Banyan Home to better suit my needs?
Of course! Provided the new design fits comfortably on your block Banyan will be happy to make any changes you require; we’ll even have the revised plans back to you within a few days.
Do I have to use a Banyan Home or can I design my own?
Banyan has worked hard to foster close relationships with award-winning architects from Canberra’s most prestigious firms who will be happy to assist you in designing your new home – just the way you want it.
What will be included in my knockdown rebuild? Will there be any additional costs?
Here at Banyan Constructions we don’t believe in hidden costs. Our comprehensive inclusions list can be viewed online and what sets Banyan apart is that your home will be fully finished at hand over, included all finishes, landscaping and high quality appliances. We will be upfront about the costs of any variations should you choose to make them.
I’ve heard some bad things about builders, what makes Banyan Constructions different?
Most of Banyan’s knockdown rebuild work comes from word-of-mouth, and we will happily provide you with the details of former clients who can tell you about their experience with Banyan Constructions or you can check out our testimonials page. Ultimately we are a local company staffed by local people and we care about the Canberra community; we have a vested interest in ensuring our clients are happy and that we aren’t one of the horror stories told at dinner parties.