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Banyan Story

Our Brand

A species of tree was chosen as our name because the company is rather like a tree with many different branches. The Banyan was specifically selected because it has the ability to survive and grow for centuries. It is visually unusual in its detail with multiple roots and interesting limbs.

The Banyan tree is known for its exceptional ability to provide both unyielding strength and unrivalled exibility to grow and prosper in any situation and these qualities inspire our approach to business and construction. Banyan trees are adaptable so they can meet the changing needs of their surroundings. They’re resilient enough to weather every storm.

The Banyan’s system of roots and branches is extensively complex, much like a home, Every additional branch performs a unique function to create a seamless experience of space.

Banyan trees are known for their unique beauty, tranquility and are considered a sacred place in many cultures. These are the qualities we strive to achieve in every one of our buildings.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be clever, clean and consistent.

Five core values drive our philosophy and underpin everything we do:
1. The safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients is our number one priority
2. Relationships and teamwork drive our success
3. Excellence and integrity underpin every project
4. Respect for our environment and community is our corporate responsibility
5. Being bold, future focused and creative is in our DNA.

Banyan’s culture is to develop master craftsman who bring latest design thinking and product knowledge to deliver construction excellence, always.