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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Builder

Building a home can be a frustrating, stressful and expensive undertaking if you don’t have the right builder working with you. Canberra is growing quickly so there’s an abundance of building companies to choose from. How do you know you’re going to pick a good one?

Here’s five tips to help you make the right choice

  1. Reputation: Good builders have strong reputations. If they’re proud of their work they will offer to show you examples and they should also have some client testimonials to share with you. It’s even better if you can talk to a few people who have used their services and have great things to say about the experience of working with them
  2. Presentation: To be a good builder it’s necessary to have excellent project and time management skills, accurate documentation and meticulous attention to detail. A neat appearance, well presented paperwork and clean and tidy building sites are very reliable indications that the company has quality control processes and systems in place.
  3. Communication: Excellent communication is essential. Building is a complex business and your builder has to negotiate their way through complex issues every day with architects, engineers, building suppliers, tradesmen, government officers and more. If they can’t communicate well with you, then they are unlikely to be good at their job. You need them to be easy and friendly to talk to. They’re the expert – not you – so if they can’t explain things patiently and well then you won’t enjoy working with them!
  4. Attitude: Builders with a proactive, positive and “can-do” attitude are a delight to work with. But what you really need is a builder who wants to ensure you achieve your goals.  Choose a builder who will say ‘no’.  No that bench won’t look good there; no it isn’t possible to do a quality job in that timeframe; no I can’t meet your budget if you want to add that. A bad builder will agree right off the bat to all your suggestions and only let you know later about the time and cost blow-outs! A good builder will happily provide you with advice, alternatives and transparency right from the start.
  5. Qualifications: It goes without saying that you need to select a qualified builder. In this fast paced and innovative industry you also need your builder to know the latest techniques, processes and products available. You should select a company the industry recognises as delivering best practice. Builders endorsed by the Master Builders Association or the Housing Industry Association are most likely to fit this category and both organisations can provide additional information for you.